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Mann Plumbing began January of 1957 under the name of Gordon and Mann Plumbing. The gentlemen who started the company were Bob Gordon and Bob Mann. After a few years of working together Bob Gordon became ill and passed leaving the company solely to Bob Mann, who then renamed the company Mann Plumbing.


Bob worked alone until his son Allen joined him in August of 1985, bringing with him the snappy slogan of; "Don't call a boy to do a MANN'S job!" that has been used since.


Allen worked with his father for seven years until Bob decided to go part time leaving Allen to work by himself part of the time. Allen got his Master Plumbing / State of Ohio license and Bob totally retired in 1992 leaving the business to his son and daughter in law Allen and Sheila. Unfortunately, Bob became ill and passed away in the winter of 1996. A great man(n) to all his customers in Westerville.


After many years as Mann Plumbing, due to the legal system Mann changed their name to A. Mann Plumbing, Ltd., confusing many of their old customers but they kept right on going.


In 2005, Mark Starkey joined A. Mann and has been with them ever since.


In 2006, Robbie the oldest son of Allen and Sheila joined the plumbing world and received his State of Ohio plumbing license while his father worked for the City of Westerville. In 2010 their youngest son Spencer, better known as "Mo" also joined the A. Mann Plumbing world along side his brother.


Currently Mo is at the helm of A. Mann Plumbing, surrounded by a wonderful team of caring plumbing professionals.


At this time we have Mark Starkey (2005)  We also have a new young man in the "Mann family" Max Hughes, who has been with us since the spring of 2015, and Deborah, the sweet voice you hear when you call us, who joined our "family" in 2017.


The "Mann boys" enjoy running their Grampy and father's company and I know Grampy is looking down being very proud of his grandsons and the job they are doing.


We have many customers who have been in our MP family since 1957 with Bob, and also have their children and their children and it goes on and on. The Mann boys love going to a home and hearing a "Grampy story" it truly makes their hearts glow and day complete. We thank you all for your continued loyalty to A. Mann Plumbing, Ltd. and the Mann FAMILY.